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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization specialists use proven techniques to help clients reach the top of Google, and stay there.

Process & Stages

1. Audit

Do you have trouble ranking in Google or other major search engines? We can detect what's causing your problems and solve them so you can start seeing steady traffic to your website ASAP.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research aims to help you with locating relevant keywords that potential customers are looking for. This is a must-have service for each SEO campaign.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important to your website optimization. We will do everything to remove all inconsistencies and make your website run fast and smooth.

4. Content Creation

The most important part of ranking on Google is having great content, whether it's for your blog, or for backlinks. Most business owners don't have the time to create relevant, engaging content, so we handle that aspect for you.

5. On-Page Optimization

Is a small but vital step in improving and increasing its visibility in search engine rankings. Your site's description tag and title tag make up an important part of your SEO plan, so be sure to use them correctly.

6. Off-Page Optimization

A backlink strategy is an important part of any SEO campaign and Google has put a lot of research into making sure that more links to your site equals more visibility.


SEO Audit

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Technical SEO

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Full SEO Package

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Local SEO

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SEO Consulting

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YouTube SEO

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Technology & Qualification

Questions & Answers

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is whether SEO or PPC is better for a marketing campaign. Both are very different and determining the best one depends on your target market and what your goals are.

SEO takes time but provides long-term steady results for strong organic rankings and traffic. WIth PPC, you start seeing results and ad positions instantly, and can easily refine your campaign to attract your ideal customer.

Ranking well organically on Google can result in an influx of traffic to your website. Depending on your requirements, we will perform different types of SEO strategies which will ensure that you get the best ROI possible out of your SEO campaign. Every business is different – as an example, a local plumber would prefer phone calls & form submissions, while an E-Commerce website would aim to achieve additional sales through their online presence.

We do not practice any “Black Hat” SEO and opt to set our clients up for solid, long term success. Over the years and based on 400+ tests conducted on Google Algorithm, we have developed our proprietary compound SEO method – a completely natural, white hat method for exponentially growing traffic to a website by staying within Google’s guidelines.

It is impossible to guarantee Google rankings. Stay far away from any agency who promises rankings as there are many unforeseen factors that can expedite or delay the performance of your particular site. However, most clients start to see results in the first 3 months.


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