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New Clients for Instagram-shop of Women’s Clothes for $1

The main goal of our client was to increase the number of new clients on Instagram. The cost of attracting a new contact should be at $1.

We took two goals to promote: “Messages” and “Reach” to war up the audience.

Preparing to launch advertising campaigns

To launch, we, the client and the agency, identified the most popular products. Because if you lure the user to buy, then the most top products. And if a new client likes everything, LTV will grow. Therefore, the first step is to attract a client.

Having determined the commodity items that we will promote. Now we need to choose for whom we will be to show ads. We identified several audiences for the first time:

  • Detailed targeting: Fashion blog, Fashion magazines.
  • Detailed targeting: Healthy habits, Healthy food.
  • Detailed targeting: Online shopping, Street fashion.

Every group was women from 22 to 35 years. The location – Ukraine.

The creatives were in several variations, animated and static. All with clothes on models, mostly photo and video materials made on the street. First, it was already a warm season. And the weather allowed it. Secondly, we showed that these are clothes for people who want to look stylish.

Launching advertising campaigns

We launched advertising campaigns (except the customer base) and, as a rule, we did not touch them for several days.

After a few days, we optimized advertising campaigns. And turned off badly working ads.

A week later, it was already clear which commodity worked worse. The budget from them was distributed to more efficient commodity items.

The screenshot shows that we didn’t immediately achieve the desired results. But only by continually searching for a working audience in campaigns and regular optimization, we have achieved good results.

The most important thing at work:

  • clear goal setting from the client
  • the desired result may not be immediate

These are two important rules at work. Because there are so many factors that affect impressions and effective. But if we understand the goal, we know where to go and how to work with the campaign in the future.

The work results of advertising campaigns for one month

Messaging conversation – 1 603.
Budget – $948,47.
Cost per result – $0,59.

Through regular work and optimization, we have achieved our goals of attracting new customers up to $1. And now it remains to maintain the results at the level we need. And it also requires constant work and attention.

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