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How We Doubled Organic Traffic to a Website With Psychology Courses

The site of courses on psychology and internal growth was taken to work on SEO optimization at the end of April 2019. At the time of the start of work, the site had a stable 10-12 thousands traffic per day. The site was over 5 years old, built on WordPress CMS and had an impressive amount of link mass.

Purpose of promotion

  • Increase SEO traffic to the site.
  • Increasing the number of conversions (sales) of courses and women’s trainings.

Our solutions

Audit and technical optimization

During the technical audit, the following issues were identified and fixed:

  • Complete duplicate pages
  • Empty and uninformative pages
  • 40X errors (broken links)
  • Technical pages open for indexing
  • Attribute use errors rel=”canonical”
  • Unoptimized file robots.txt

Working with landing pages

We have examined which landing pages are best at collecting traffic from our site and competing sites. Based on the analysis, it was decided to modify two existing pages and expand the structure of the site.

  • Contemporary landing pages. We analysed the content for uniqueness, many articles were written a long time ago and stolen by various sites, so we updated the content to increase the uniqueness of the text. Added more lists, quotes from the author, call to action for enrolling in courses. At the end of the article, an author’s block was added with brief information about him and links to social networks or personal pages on the network.
  • New landing pages. In analysing competitors, we saw additional categories related to the subject of our site that we did not work out. We have compiled a semantic core on them, dividing them into categories and articles, according to which they wrote the texts.

Work with links

At the time of the start of work, more than 500 sites and 7000 pages referred to the site, after analysing the link mass, we made a deviation for low-quality links and developed a link strategy.

  • Reject links. All donor domains with a DR lower than 10 on Ahrefs which didn’t bring traffic were rejected by GSC.
  • New links to the site. The first thing that was done was to build links from submissions, as this the fastest and easiest way to get links from quality resources. Crowd marketing has been mostly used to dilute the anchor list, in part such links have provided good traffic.


During the first two months (May-June) there was a minimal increase of traffic. At the end of June, the traffic increased significantly, the growth continued for the entire further period of work. For 6 months of work, daily traffic on the site has grown to 20-22 thousand, that is, the growth was about 100%.

The site had the potential to grow at least 2 times more, but the client refused to further expand the semantic core and generally from further work, a year after the completion of the work, the site began to significantly lose traffic. Therefore, when SEO gave the results, you should never stop working.

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