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How to Decrease the Cost of the Messages by 3.5 Times

A client approached our agency to promote Botox for the face. Advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads have already been working. But the price for the correspondence started was too high – $5.

Analysis of existing advertising campaigns

First, we analyzed working campaigns. We’re looking for a new growth of points for future campaigns (creatives, placements, audiences).

And during the analysis, we noticed that the location was set up in a very small location with a radius of 3 miles. Of course, the beautician’s office was at this address. But the big disadvantage of this setting is a small audience. That is, it is quickly washed out, and the CPA begins to increase.

Preparing to launch advertising campaigns

For new campaigns, we created new banners. We decided to change the colour concept to attract attention. Because the old style might already be familiar to the audience. The emphasis was on lightness colours.

The audiences for promoting:

  • women 22-44. Detailed targeting: Fashion week, Fashion blog, Fashion show.
  • women 20-35. Detailed targeting: Healthy habits, Healthy food.

Detailed targeting (salons and care) that was working we didn’t use. So we should to find new strategies for advertising.

Our goal was finding modern women who always in trend. So we choose the fashion and healthy habits. Last time, it’s mainstream in our region.

The location was women in the beautician’s office area plus 5 miles. And we added location of a nearby mall (plus 2 miles).

Launching advertising campaigns

After the start, we were not changing for 3 days in order for the campaigns to get statistics. And as you know, at first the algorithm is trained and at first it is better not to correct anything.

After that, the groups worked poorly and brought results very chaotically. One day was results and the other was quiet. However, there were shows. But the audience was still small for the algorithm. It was decided to combine the two running audiences into one.

The result of campaign learned in a few days and began to bring us results at the desired price.

The work results of advertising campaigns for one week

Messaging conversation – 133.
Budget – $223,36.
Cost per result – $1,68.

Having picked up an audience that brings results at a good price, the work didn’t stop. Because the campaign was shown conditionally to people in only one location.

To keep performance from dropping. We regularly needed to change the campaign so that the algorithm wouldn’t stop in search.

We changed the radius of locations. But this allowed us to get CPA at the same level, without significant jumps.

The most important thing is to notice changes on time and make adjustments. Facebook Ads loves attention.

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